Applicants 2023

Below you can find information about the candidates by clicking the post. Unfortunately these are provided only in English except for the master’s student captain.
These will be updated during the pre-application period.


Below you can see the introductions for board applicants. Guild members can choose to send questions for board applicants. You can send questions here.


Vice Chair


Fuksi Captain (2 kpl)

Master’s Student Captain

The Hosts (2 kpl)

Master of Studies


Master of Culture and External Relations

Master of Corporate Relations

Geometres’ Editor in Chief

Head Officials

Below you can see the introductions for Head Official applicants. Guild members can choose to send questions for applicants. Board has prepared 2-3 job-specific questions for Head Officials.

Web Wizard

Sports Coordinator (2 kpl)

Tutor Coordinator

Master Student’s Tutor Coordinator

Abi responsible

Head of Song Leaders

Artistic Director of the Maakansallisbaletti (2 kpl)

Guardian ad litem

Officials to be elected in the elections

See below for introductions and answers of the other officials to be elected in the elections. The Board has prepared one specific question for each position, which candidates can answer if they wish.

Excursion coordinator

Guild’s contact person for RIL and TEK

Monttu-gnome (5 kpl)

Social content creator (3 kpl)

MAIK-responsible (2 kpl)

Amusement and Culture Assistant (5 kpl)

ApuIE (12 kpl) 

Operations inspector (2 kpl + 2 kpl vara)

Officials to be selected after election

Below you will find the people who are applying for official positions that are selected after the election. It is not possible to send them questions or publish public introductions. Candidates for these positions are asked to send short introductory texts to the Chair Riina (tg @mittariina), who will forward them to the next year’s Board and Head Officials. The following year’s Board and Head Officials will make their selection of candidates based on the letters of introduction and may choose to limit the number of candidates selected.

Scholar of Maakansa

Harassment contact person

Web Wizard’s helper

Graphic Designer


Sport tutor

Corporate relations assistant

Alumni responsible

Abi responsible’s helpers

Song leader

Song Leader Apprentice

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