Hello all new students of Sustainable Communities (KEY) and Real Estate and Geoinformatics (KIG)!

Welcome to the guild of surveying engineering! We, Ninni and Sakari, will be your freshman captains, and will act as your guides with the help of ISOs and other senior students. Feel free to contact us about anything regarding studying or starting your studies! You can always contact either of us personally.

On this very site you will find further information and important information about starting your studies. On the left hand side you can read your freshman guide, the Apustin (only in Finnish), first as an online version and then as a physical magazine to be delivered in August! Below, you can also join our dedicated channel for you on Telegram, where we aim to communicate all relevant information to new students. So, by reading the Apustin and following the MK Fuksitiedotus 23-24 channel on Telegram and joining the Mittarifuksit 2023 channel, you will certainly have more than enough information to start your studies in good spirits!

Please keep an open mind with you the whole academic year - let’s make your freshmen year memorable!

Have any questions about starting your studies or being a freshman? Contact us!

Sakari Mäntynen
050 366 4367
sakari.mantynen (ät) aalto.fi
Ninni Tähti
040 357 3508
ninni.tahti (ät) aalto.fi
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