Tutoring (Finnish freshmen)

Tutors (in Aalto a tutor is called ISOhenkilö) are 2nd-5th year students who have volunteered to guide the new freshmen at the beginning of their studies and during the whole first year. On the first day freshmen are divided into groups and every group has their own tutors. Tutors help with all the practicalities, such as how to enroll to courses and where are the best places to eat lunch. They also introduce you to student associations and show you the student life of Otaniemi. During the orientation week, the tutors will be there to guide, help and keep company to you freshmens and during the year they will also assist on organizing events for freshmens. Ellinoora Rastas is in charge of the guild’s tutoring for Finnish freshmen in the academic year 2023-2024.

International tutoring (exchange students and international degree students)

Just like the new Finnish students, international students need an international tutor to guide their studies and the student life at their arrival. Students who come from a different cultural background need help with those practical issues which may be routine for local people.

There are mainly two types of international students: exchange students usually stay in Finland for one semester only, while international degree students pursue an entire degree in Finland, typically in a two-year Master’s degree programme. Both groups are equally in need of advice at the beginning of their stay and face the same challenges of trying to become part of the student community.

As an international tutor you will gain multicultural competence, which is invaluable in the globalizing world and working life, as well as thrilling new experiences. Having lunch together, going out and introducing student associations are just examples of what international tutors and the new students can do together. Tutoring is really fun and good way to meet lots of new people around the world!

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