Once again the tradition sitsit of The Guild of Surveying Engineers are combined with the annual ball of MIL ry into one great event called Syyspäivän täräys! This event brings together guild members of all ages. This year the event will be on Friday the 23rd of September. The cocktail event will be at Museum of Student Life at 17.30 and the main event will start at 18.30 at Smokki.

The sitsit will be traditional and classy event, in which all mittaris have a chance to get to know each other. There will be beautiful singing and performances that will make you dance!

There will be 192 places available, and bachelor fuksis and special guests will be prioritized in the sign-up. The event will be held in Finnish. There will be a separate event for master fuksis.

The sign-up opens on Monday 29th of August at 16.00 and closes on 8th of September at 23.00. The tickets will be confirmed on the 9th of September, which is the last chance to cancel the sign-up. The sign-up cannot be cancelled after 10th of September at 12.00.

Prices (vegetarian/fish):
Fuksi: 16/18€
Student: 20/22€
Alumnus: 30/32€

Dress code: Cocktail

Syyspäivän täräys is an equal event for all participants and The Guild of Surveying Engineers does not tolerate any harassment in their events. The event will follow AYY’s principles of a safe space. If you experience or witness uncomfortable behavior or harassment, please contact the event organizers at or after the event. The organizers will be present at the event and their contact information will be available in the song booklet. You can also contact AYY’s harassment contact persons via hairinta@ayy.fi and more information is available at https://www.ayy.fi/fi/palvelut-jasenille/hairintayhdyshenkilot

You can ask questions and get more information from the fuksicaptains.
tg: @mittarikaput
e-mails: pinja.salo@aalto.fi joona.lipponen@aalto.fi

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