🏸 MK x AS badminton tournament on April 15th at 12:00-16:00 @ Otahalli

The tournament will be held at Otahalli/Unisport Otaniemi (Otaranta 6) for the 16 fastest teams. Each team will play at least three matches.

If none of your friends seem to be good enough to be for your teammate or you’re not that fond of competing – no worries! One of the courts is reserved for free-play only, where you can enter to play at any point during the event.

Sign-up (Opens 1.4. 12:00)

Only one of the players per team needs to do the sign-up. Registration ends and becomes binding on 11.4. 22:00.


8 teams reserved for each guild (MK and AS). A team can be made up of members of both guilds, in which case use the quota with fewer enrollments. 


– games are played in Otahalli, Unisport Otaniemi (Otaranta 6)
– when arriving, please tell the customer advisers that you are here to play badminton
– please arrive at least 15-30 minutes before the start of the first game (the game program will be published later).
– leave the outdoor equipment in the locker room (leaving the goods is at your own risk, locks are recommended),
– playing is only allowed with indoor shoes
– rackets can be rented from Unisport for 2€ (although there amount of rackets are limited), but otherwise the event is free for participants!

Contact TG: @kustiau

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