The greatest contest of Wappu is here! Maanmittarikilju’s home-brew contest and the home-brew weeks have started! We invite the guild’s friends of fermented beverages to take part in the competition. The contest has been declared on Wednesday the 12th of April, and now it is time to register your brewery for the contest.

The guild’s best home-brew products are chosen in the home-brew contest. The contest is open for everyone and there are 3 categories:
the open category, that is open for all
the fuksi category, which is open for first-year students of Maanmittarikilta
the kilju drink category, where one can take part with a home-brew based drink. This category is also open for all

One can participate to the contest alone or as a member of a team.

The in-depth rules are found here.

The winners are rewarded with a prize. The winner is chosen by a prestigious panel of judges.

The Home-brew weeks culminate into the great Kilju gala, that will be held on Monday 24th of April, starting off the Wappu week with a blast. The Kilju gala is at Otarannan kerhotila. Every friend of Maanmittarikilju is warmly welcome to the gala, even if not participating to the contest. The winners of each category are chosen here.

Registration to the competition

    Panimo osallistuu avoimeen sarjaan / The brewery participates in the open category

    Panimo osallistuu fuksisarjaan / The brewery participates in the fuksi category

    Panimo osallistuu drinkkisarjaan / The brewery participates in the drink category


    Registration to the gala


      Competing breweries

      Registrations to the gala

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