Are you feeling the Wappu? Great! On the 27th of April there will be MK’s wappu Beer Pong tournament to see who are the guild’s best players! The event will be held so the pairs can play together or in separate locations.

There is room for the first 16 teams. Registration opens 21.4. at 12:00.

The rules are: ( with the following changes:
– The game table can be any ~70 cm high table.
– The distance from the throwing location and the back end of the table should be ~240 cm.
– The Webcam should be positioned in a way which shows the player and the cups at the same time.
– No bounces
– No blowing
– No rebounds
– No streaks
– If you hit both balls, you get only one new throw

WHAT: MK’s Wappu Beer Pong Tournament
WHERE: Internet
WHEN: TUESDAY 27.4. at 6 pm
PRICE: free


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