Have you always dreamed of enjoying sitsis with your grandpa, neighbour, BFF or wife? Now it’s great chance to show your loved-ones (R18) some mittariculture and make MK even more family-friendly.

So welcome to Smökki to begin the new sitsi year and enjoy teekkariculture with friends and family on Saturday 21.1.

There is room for 192 sitsers and every mittari can take 1-2 avecs. So that every mittari can join the first sitsis of the year, we hope consideration with the amount of avecs. Feel free to add a matching twist to your outfit with your avec.

The registration begins on Saturday 7.1. at 12.00 and closes and becomes binding on Thursday 12.1. at 23.59. Avecs need to register themselves as well and only mittaris will write the seating wish in the registration (avecs don’t need to write seating wish).

If you want to get yourself ready to sitsis listen the following song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfTqvFllheA

See you in Smökki!
Ps. If you have some questions slide into our telegram @irkkuli / @eeonnela

WHAT: MK KaveriPerheSitsit and afterparty (Friends&Family -sitsit)
WHERE: Servin Mökki (Jämeräntaival 4, Otaniemi)
WHEN: 21.1.2023, Cocktail-event 17.30, Gong 18.00
WHY: MK is family and family-friendly
DC: Cocktail + matching twist with avec
PRICE: max. 17 €

Friends & Family sitsit is a fair and equal to all, and the Guild of Surveying engineers does not tolerate any kind of harassment in their events. This event follows AYY:s guidelines for safer spaces. However, if you face unpleasant behavior or harassment, you can contact AYY’s harassment contact persons hairinta@ayy.fi and you can find more info about it on https://www.ayy.fi/en/services-for-members/ayys-harassment-contact-persons

Registration is closed.


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