The Christmas Sports Calendar offers new exercise challenges every day from December 1st to Christmas Eve. The doors of the calendar reveal a pile of exercise challenges. By completing these challenges, you can participate in the lottery of great surprise Christmas presents sponsored by Maanmittauslaitos. The presents are drawn between everyone who has participated in the lottery. The lotteries will be held on Sunday evenings and on Christmas Eve in the last week. The more challenges you complete, the more lottery tickets you get, and the higher your chance to win a Christmas present!

How the Sports Calendar works:
1. Join the Christmas Sports Calendar Telegram group (
2. Wait for the doors to open in the mornings in the TG group and in the guild’s Instagram
3. Complete the challenge during the day
4. Fill in the form for the completed challenge on the guild’s website
5. If you want, share a video or a picture of your performance in the TG group or on Instagram (remember to tag @maanmittarikilta)
6. Wait for Sunday’s or Christmas Eve’s lottery and hope for the best

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